“Immigration is the international movement of people into a destination country of which they are not natives or where they do not possess citizenship in order to settle or reside there, especially as permanent residents or naturalized citizens, or to take up employment as a migrant worker or temporarily as a foreign worker” – Wikipedia

IMS provides the best consultancy services for immigration leading to Permanent Residency and Citizenship, in the following paths:

1: High / Semi Skilled Workers (Federal & Provincial Nomination)
2: Family / Spouse Sponsored
3: Entrepreneur / Innovator / Start-up
4: Investor / Business
5: Work Permit (Permanent & Temporary)
6: Asylum / Refugee

If you have been refused for a visa or if you need help and advice on issues relating to visa refusals, appeals, hearings etc. contact our immigration law specialists. We are available to help whether or not we dealt with your original application.

It is important that you seek expert legal advice as soon as you receive a refusal, as there are important time limits that you should be aware of. Once you’ve got in touch, we will examine your case and indicate the possibility of obtaining a review of a decision, or of appealing, and the likelihood of success. We will also set out the alternatives that might be available. If you do decide to appeal, we will help you carefully prepare your case and guide you through what can sometimes be a complex process.

In addition, we also provide free IELTS training courses to boost the application success of our clients. We not only handle your immigration application, but also guide you the most suitable path to settle abroad in order to save your valuable time and money.

Currently we provide immigration consultancy for the following countries:

1. Australia

2. Canada

3. schengen (European countries)

4. United Kingdom

5. United States of America

6. New Zealand

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